What is Stacked Athletics?

What’s going on, My name is Rashan Stacker, also known as Coach Stacks. Training has always been a passion of mine throughout my life. As a kid, my older brother, a multi-sport athlete and coach, took me under his wing which ignited this desire. As a college football player, I realized that to truly compete, you must always take your training to the next level. This meant being accountable to yourself and going above and beyond even outside of practice.

As an athlete, you learn how to play through adversity which for many including myself meant playing through injuries, defeats, and life ups and downs. I learned to respect adversity and those who have triumphed through their own. As a linebacker, my football career came to an end with a championship winning season and a rare wrist injury. Through perseverance and learning new ways to train after three surgeries, I was able to regain my strength and continue to do what I love.

After earning my bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University in Hospital Administration I entered my field with high hopes of stepping out of my comfort zone and working in a completely different environment. Soon realizing that the medical office life was not for me, I became the strength and conditioning coach for a Division I program at my high school alma mater. I fell in love with mentoring and training others while coaching all types of athletes.

Since then I’ve been personal training a diverse set of clients. I have a unique style of cross training, blending different styles to make workouts both fun and challenging. Whether you’ve never really worked out or you’re looking to get back into the best shape of your life, I’m here to help you through the process of becoming a better and healthier you. As your trainer, I want to motivate you, help you reach your ultimate potential, and most importantly encourage you to make your fitness journey a lifestyle.